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The Central Student Council (CSR) and the Library agree that a more efficient use must be made of the 350 study spaces in the University Library at Singel.

Break disc

In the weekends during exam periods the rooms fill up early with students who reserve a quiet spot for the whole of Saturday or Sunday. Some places, however, remain unused for long hours during the day: many tables are occupied, the chairs are empty. This is frustrating for students who are looking for a free space to study.

New break policy

From now on, staff will check at busy periods that not just the tables are occupied, but the chairs as well. Breaks are obviously allowed. But spaces where no one has been at work for over 30 minutes, will be freed and given to someone else.

We hope that this new rule will result in a more efficient use of limited study spaces and in a better atmosphere for study. You do, after all, also come to the Library because it is inspiring to study together with others.