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An open access flowchart outlines all the possibilities to bring a publication to the notice of a large public digitally and without any costs.

UvA staff who wish to make their publication available in open access can now use this Flowchart (PDF), drawn up by the University Library, one of the advocates of open access.

The Flowchart is useful, because there are many things to take into account: the copyright situation, the options allowed by the publisher and financing by UvA.

Some publishers allow authors to make their publication available in open access by charging an article processing fee. In some cases the UvA can obtain a discount.

In many other cases the Green Road is available: the author is allowed to deposit the final version of the manuscript, as accepted by the publisher, in UvA-DARE. The publication is then available in open access and can simply be found in Google Scholar.

For a description of all of these options and the conditions attached to each option, please see the

Flowchart (PDF)