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The journal JoVE films and publishes videos of researchers performing new experimental techniques. The section Neuroscience is now accessible to students and staff at the UvA.


The section Neuroscience of JoVE , the Journal of Visualized Experiments is open to UvA staff and students. JoVE is a PubMed / MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publish research in video format. Using an international network of video makers, JoVE films and edits  videos of researchers performing new experimental techniques, allowing students and scientists the opportunity to learn them faster. In November 2012  the Neuroscience section contained more than 300 video protocols. JoVE was awarded "Best Original Content 2012" by Library Journal .


How to consult?

JoVE can be accessed via the direct link below or through 'CatalogusPlus', which is the new name for the search engine of the UvA library.

  1. Click in the homepage of the UvA Library on the magnifier icon in the search box next to the radio button 'CatalogusPlus'.  But first select CatalogusPlus.
  2. Search for the electronic journal 'jove' in the next screen  via 'Find Journals' in the black banner a the upper part of the screen and click on 'Zoeken'.  A link to the journal will be displayed as a result.

JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments