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On the 2nd floor in the University Library at Singel, a new study room has been opened, specially for groups.

study room

In an enquiry carried out in 2011 students indicated their need for more spaces to collaborate. The new room has 120 spaces without a PC. There is Wi-Fi, coffee and water. The house rules differ from those for the other study rooms: discussing things with other students is allowed.


What are the facilities?

  • three separate rooms for groups from 5-6 persons, to collaborate on projects, use your own audiovisual equipment, skype, prepare presentations, etc.
  • ordinary collaboration corners with whiteboards and power outlets
  • compartment spaces with power outlets
  • lounge corners with power outlet
  • four PCs for library use only
  • wireless internet
  • pantry for coffee and tea with a Join-the-pipe water tap


study room University Library

What are the house rules?

  • talking aloud to discuss things with fellow students is allowed, but please show some consideration for others
  • the use of telephones is allowed, but please no loud ring tones
  • drinks are allowed, but must be kept in closed containers
  • eating is allowed in the ground floor cafeteria only
Collaboration Room