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The exhibition with works from the comic collections 'Superheroes, Monsters and Nazi Cats' will be concluded with a guided tour and the screening of the animated film 'Persepolis' (2007).

Event details of Film screening 'Persepolis' (2007) and guided tour exhibition about comic books
Date 30 June 2022
Time 18:00 -21:00
Locations University Library, University Library
Room Information Desk (first floor) - Guided tour exhibition - 18.00 hrs, Belle van Zuylenzaal -Screening and lecture - 19.15 hrs
Organised by Marko Petrovic , IJsbrand van Dijk
The exhibition 'Superheroes, Monsters and Nazi Cats' is on view until July 26

As a closing event of the graphic novel exhibition UvA librarians and curators IJsbrand van Dijk and Marko Petrovic will give one last guided tour through the exhibition. Following the tour, we will screen the animated film ‘Persepolis’ based on the highly acclaimed graphic novel of the same name and one of the highlights of the exhibition. 

Persepolis (2007)

It’s an autobiographical story of Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian who grew up during the Islamic Revolution of the late 1970s. She is sent  to Vienna where she tries to assimilate into the culture, learning the language and celebrating Christmas. But she still faces discrimination and xenophobia.  Upon returning to Iran, she finds that so much has changed and she feels not belonging neither here nor there. Personal, political and deeply heartfelt it was a critical as well as a commercial success and its impact reverberated beyond the comic book world into the wider cultural sphere.   

Graphic novel and UvA collections

The comic book is a relatively unknown phenomenon in the academic world.  Yet in recent years academics are making increasing use of the comic strip and its associated idiom to convey information: doctoral theses and academic papers have been published in comic strip form, and the graphic novel has gained increasing recognition as a serious art form in Literary Studies, for example.

A range of these graphic publications have found their way into academic institutes and libraries, so this is a good time to explore just what is out there.

University Library

Room Information Desk (first floor) - Guided tour exhibition - 18.00 hrs

Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam

University Library

Room Belle van Zuylenzaal -Screening and lecture - 19.15 hrs

Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam