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How to find videos


In the collection of the UvA/HvA Library there are films and documentaries available. Open CataloguePlus > Advanced Search > Resource Type: Audiovisual

  • For a film, documentary or coverage of events: use the drop-down menus on the left and search by Author (for director) or title words.
  • For a list of films: select Subject from the drop-down menu on the left and as search terms use films OR movies.
  • For a list of documentaries: search by Subject and enter documenta* as search term (this way you’ll find documentaire, documentaires, documentary and documentaries).

A small number of films and television programmes can be borrowed, but the larger part must be viewed at the Media & Theatre Studies library at UB Singel.

A number of documentaries can be viewed online within the UvA domain; these can also be found in the database Ethnographic Video Online.

Web resources

For recent documentaries and current events, see:

Websites of foreign television broadcasters:

Older documentaries can be found in EUscreen, an online collection of television programmes from European audiovisual archives.
The Moving Image Archive contains freely available films, videos and television broadcasts.

YouTube and Vimeo contain films on a wide range of subjects. Anyone can upload material, so there is quite a large variety.

Web lectures, informative videos, and other events at the UvA can be viewed via webcolleges.


Published by  Library UvA

20 December 2018