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How to find publications of organisations

Which Dutch libraries have videos made by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam since 1995? What reports are published by the Royal Society? These organisations are examples of so-called corporate authors. It is possible to search the UvA catalogue and a number of other databases by corporate author.

UvA catalogue

Use the search key ‘corporation’ to search the UvA catalogue by organisation.

  • Select Advanced search
  • Select the search key Corporation and enter the name
  • Indicate that the words must be adjacent
  • From the publication type filter select E-journals and Periodicals/Series. Keep Ctrl pressed down to select more than one publication type.

If your are not certain of the correct spelling of the name, use Browse, and browse by Corporation, if you know the first word of the name.


PiCarta contains the data of ca. 400 Dutch libraries.

Example: which Dutch libraries have videos made by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam made since 1995?

  • Select Advanced
  • Select the search key corporation
  • Enter “rijksmuseum amsterdam”
  • At year enter 1995-
  • At material selection click none
  • Tick Audio visual

The publication type Articles usually does not have a corporate author. If you wish to search by author affiliation, use Web of Science or a subject-specific database. 

Web of Science

Web of Science indexes journals from all fields of knowledge from 1975 onwards.

  • instead of Topic select Address from the drop-down menu
  • see the example underneath the search window for entering the names of organisations
    e.g.  "Univ" instead of "University", "Amer" instead of "American"

Example: you are looking for journal articles from 2009 by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Amsterdam

  • select Address from the drop-down menu
  • enter univ amsterdam same econ*
  • at the next search window select Year Published
  • enter 2009 and search

In this way you will also find publications by the Free University of Amsterdam. To exclude them:

  • enter in the first search window: univ amsterdam same econ* not (free or vrije)

The same command is like Boolean and, but only searches one sentence, not a whole field.

Subject-specific bibliographic databases

Large subject-specific databases like LLBA, PsycINFO, Sociological Abstracts or Inspec usually include the corporate author in the bibliographic data. The name of the field varies for each database. In Sociological Abstracts it is called Affiliation, in Inspec Author Affiliation, in Eric Corporate Source.

Example: you are looking for publications by the Communications Sciences department of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the UvA.

  • Open UvA CataloguePlus and click Databases to find Sociological Abstracts
  • Go to Advanced search and select the field Author affiliation from the drop-down menu
  • Enter communicat* and amsterdam

Keep in mind that the names of organisations are not standardised, so they may occur in different languages and variants.


Search Google by the name of the organisation and combine it with publications.

Example: "association for asian studies" publications

Published by  Library UvA

20 December 2018