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How to find biographies

Biographies via online reference works

The Biography Portal of The Netherlands is freely accessible on the internet. It provides biographical information on Dutch historical persons. The portal also contains links to other Dutch websites with biographical information, as well as biographical reference works from other countries.

Other biographical databases.

For a number of databases there are short demos which show how to search for articles on persons (searching by person as subject).

Biographical information via print reference works 

Biographical dictionaries may be consulted at the University Library, Singel 425, in study room A3.01. Bibliographies of specific persons can be found in study room B3.01.

World Biographical Information System (home access only with UvAnetID) refers to biographical information in printed sources. 

Books about specific persons

For books on a specific person, biographies or correspondence, search the UvA catalogue using the key Person as subject.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the UvA catalogue, try PiCarta. If in the PiCarta search screen you do not see the drop-down menus above the search windows, click more to the right of search and then change the search key all words to subject:person.

Published by  Library UvA

5 February 2015