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For UvA students and staff

UvA students and staff members can access databases and digital journals to which the Library subscribes also from outside the UvA by logging in with their UvAnetID.

Do you encounter any difficulties? Perhaps, the problem is known already. If not, please Ask the Library

An alternative is UvAvpn. Download the UvAvpn software once and activate it before each session to have access to the digital resources of the Library. A manual is available.
UvAvpn is a service of the ICT Services (ICTS). In case of technical problems, please contact their servicedesk.

For external PhD candidates

External PhD candidates may request the personnel department of the relevant faculty to enter their personal data in SAP as external PhD students. You are then entitled to a UvAnetID with the same rights as UvA students and staff.

For retired UvA employees

Employees retired from UvA may request an account with which they can access the library databases and digital journals from home. Please fill in the online form (form in Dutch).

Not affiliated to UvA?

If you have no affiliation to UvA, you do not have access to our digital resources from outside UvA. This is because of licensing agreements between UvA and the providers of digital publications. All digital content is freely available within various UvA libraries from the general access PCs.

Published by  Library UvA

30 October 2018