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Copyright information

For researchers

If the research is directly commissioned by UvA, the copyright belongs to UvA. There is a difference of opinion if the copyright also belongs to UvA if there is no question of a direct commission. In practise, UvA allows researchers to make their own agreements with publishers about work done by themselves.

Thesis must be in UvA-DARE

UvA doctoral researchers must hand in their thesis to UvA-DARE, where it will be archived and made publicly accessible. According to the doctorate regulations the copyright remains with the doctoral researcher.

You remain the copyright holder, unless you have transferred the copyright. If a thesis contains material of which you do not have free disposal, it may be necessary to place the relevant sections in question under embargo.

If you have a written agreement with the publisher in which you transfer all rights to the publisher or give the publisher exclusive rights to the publication, then you need permission from the publisher if wish to

  • distribute it digitally, e.g. via your own or somebody else’s website or via email;
  • reuse it, e.g. in a collection of articles.

As the author you always retain the copyright, unless you explicity transfer is, for example tot he publisher. We recommend to publish research publications in open access, so that they are available to anyone. Read more about the open access policy of UvA.

Publishing under a Creative Commons license

Creative Commons (CC) enables you to be flexible with your copyright. By choosing one of the standard licenses you decide under what conditions your work may be used. You keep the copyright to your work, but allow others to use, share or distribute it.

See the Creative Commons website to find out how it works.

(Re)use of research data

If you wish to publish about someone else’s data, then you probably need permission. You can find out what is permitted on UvA’s RDM website. Here you can find information on the use and management of research data at any stage of your research.

Published by  Library UvA

2 August 2017