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UvA Readers Online provides access to digital readers and course material for the Faculties of Economics and Business (FEB), Humanities (FGw), Science (FNWI), Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) and Law (FdR). The site is searchable by catalogue number, programme, name of the lecturer or the author of an article. Printed copies can be ordered online via the printing on demand service from repro supplier Canon.

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Requesting and importing readers

Lecturers of the four faculties can import their readers and course material, and upload scans of their own documents (PDF) via the import module. Any articles or chapters you do not have in your possession will be retrieved and uploaded by the University Library. The Library will also check the bibliographic data and copyright.

Lecturers will be informed by email about the progress of their reader. Once a reader has been imported it will be available at UvA Readers online within five to ten days. Please note: the earlier a reader is uploaded, the sooner students can access or order it. 

Published readers can be reused every year: all data and PDFs will remain available, also for fellow lecturers.


UvA Readers Online and the import module are accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Just log in with your UvAnetID and password. Please note: to be recognised by the system, confirm the Request for Information Transfer on your first log in by clicking "Yes, share this data" and on the following page "Yes, share this information". 

If you wish to refer to the reader on Blackboard, you can create a direct link to the reader via the URL which appears when you open the reader online. Or you can link to the Readers Online site (


There is a manual to explain how to import new readers. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Reader Coordinator at your library location or Ask the Library.

License list

The articles in a reader may not exceed the limit of 8,000 words (from a journal) or 10,000 words (from a book), unless otherwise stated in the publisher’s license agreement. Please check the licenses list, especially when using digital journal articles. For literary works the limits are: 100 lines of poetry and 2,500 words of prose. Photos and illustrations (including graphs and tables) count as 200 words each.

Copyright expires 70 years after the death of an author, editor or translator. For more information, check the Reader Agreement between UvA and Stichting PRO (Dutch Foundation for Public and Reproduction Rights). Or go to the Copyright Information Site of the UvA.

Lecturers must agree to the above terms when requesting and importing an online reader. Please contact your Reader Coordinator if you wish to include longer texts in your reader. 

Printing on Demand (PoD)

A printed copy of all readers will be made available by repro supplier Canon. They can be ordered via the website and Canon’s printing on demand webshop.

Special wishes regarding the PoD readers can be made via the import module, on the last page of the reader-request form. Here you can also indicate the number of students that may possibly order a printed version of the reader and/or the number of extra copies you and your fellow lecturers need. Please note: when ordering more than one copy for yourself or your colleagues, you must enter the WBS number of your capacity group (ask your secretariat) on the first page of the reader-request form.

Orders are delivered within five working days to any given address or can be picked up at one of these pick-up locations:


If you have any problems  importing, downloading or ordering readers, please contact your reader coordinator or Ask the Library

Reader Coordinators and contacts on location

 FDR Arnolf van Asperen

 020 525 4967

 FEB Geke Zijlstra

 020 525 4090

 FGW Esther ten Dolle  


 FGW Andrea Lekic

 020 525 4413

 FMG Geke Zijlstra

 020 5254090

FNWI Dyoke van Assum  020 5256356


Published by  Library UvA

26 June 2017