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Reading List in Blackboard


As a lecturer you can make the Reading list for your course available in Blackboard, i.e. with direct links to the publications, either to the full text or to a print edition in the UvA library. If you refer to a full-text publication, the same copyright rules hold as for Readers Online.

Step 1: Activating Reading List

  • Open a Content Area in your Blackboard course, such as Information or Document, or create a new one
  • Go to the tab Add Interactive Tools > Reading List

The window Add Reading List opens. Under 1. List Information, you can enter information for your students.

Step 2: Entering a reference

  • At 2. References, click Add to activate the fields
  • Enter the title and a description of the publication

Paste a stable link in the OpenURL field. An OpenURL is a URL (web address) with the information necessary to link persistently to a publication. There are various ways to find stable links.

In CataloguePlus:

  • find the publication and click the title
  • open the UvA-linker and click More Options > OpenURL
  • right mouse click on OpenURL and copy the link address
  • paste the copied link into the OpenURL field in Blackboard

In the UvA catalogue:

  • Copy the Permalink and paste it into Blackboard 


In an article:

  • Online articles often have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) code. By copying the code and pasting it after, you create a stable link to the article. With the DOI 10.1111/j.0141-6790.2004.02701001.x you can, for example, create the stable link

Step 4: Submitting the reading list

  1. Click Modify to add the title to the list.
    - the link you have entered can now be opened and tested via the UvA-linker button
    - use the icons to change, move or delete data
    - click Add to enter another title
  2. Save your data by clicking Submit at the bottom right
  3. Click OK when you get the message Reading list added

To modify your list, click the arrow button on the right of the list title and select edit.


  • If the option Reading List is not available, go to Course Management Control Panel > Customisation > Tool Availability. Make sure there is a checkmark at Reading List in the column Available in Content Area.
  • When entering references, the type font is very small. You can change it by pressing [Ctrl +] or by keeping [Ctrl] pressed when scrolling. The student view usually has an acceptable type font.

Published by  Library UvA

20 February 2015