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RefWorks FAQ


What is RefWorks?

With RefWorks you can build your own literature database. References may be imported manually or automatically from library catalogues, databases or Google Scholar. With the Write-N-Cite tool it is then quite simple to insert references and bibliographies into Word documents.

Creating a RefWorks account

Make sure that you are within the UvA domain, either at a UvA work space, or elsewhere but connected to the UvA domain via UvAvpn. Open the RefWorks login page, click Sign up for a new account and enter the required data.

You will receive a confirmation email with your login information. 

When creating an account please note that

  • you must be within the UvA domain
  • you are free to choose a username and password but they may not contain any special characters (such as * + < / ; =)
  • you must use a valid (not necessarily a UvA) email address

Saving titles to RefWorks

Titles can be exported to RefWorks from the UvA catalogue, UvA CataloguePlus and databases. See this short manual.

Linking from a reference in RefWorks to the publication itself

Each reference in RefWorks has a UvA-linker button. A large number of imported references also contain other ways to link to a publication, such as a permalink or Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Uploading a publication to a reference in RefWorks

The full text of a publication may be uploaded to a reference via Edit Reference > Add attachment. Attachments of up to 20 MB are allowed.

You have up to 100 MB per personal account. On request you can have it extended. Just Ask the Library.

Sharing RefWorks references with others

Put the references you wish to share in a folder. Right click the folder in the Quick Access menu and select Sharing > Share folder. A link is then made to this folder to which anyone who knows the link has read only access The link may also be used as a URL in Blackboard.

If more persons must be able to add references, it is best to create a new, shared account.

Installing the right bit version of Write-N-Cite

The bit version of Write-N-Cite you install, must agree with the bit version of Word. A 64-bit computer usually has a 32-bit version of Word. You can find which Word version you have on your computer in Word under the tab File > Help. When Write-N-Cite has been installed, Word shows a tab RefWorks.

I am prompted to install Java despite having Java installed on my Mac

MAC users  with OS Yosemite (10.10) often have problems installing Write-N-Cite. You may need to install an appropriate version of Java.

No tab RefWorks in Word?

  • Take care to close Word before installing Write-N-Cite.
  • Write-N-Cite 4 is available in Word under the tab RefWorks. If there is no tab, go to File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage Com Add-Ins > Go. Check Write-N-Cite 4 and click OK. Restart Word.

Logging into RefWorks from Word

Log in with the UvA group code (sent to you in the confirmation email) and your personal log-in data or use the special log-in code which you find in your RefWorks account under Tools > Write-n-Cite.

Documents with references in an older version of Write-n-Cite

In order to work with references imported into a document with Write-N-Cite III, the document must first be converted to Write-N-Cite 4:

  1. Start with a new, empty Word document, open the tab RefWorks and log in.
  2. Select the same Output Style as that of the original document.
  3. Open the original document and click Convert.

Wait until the synchronisation is finished. You can then continue to work with the document.

Note: if you have opened a document without the above preparation and clicked Convert immediately, some footnotes may have been converted to references within the text. In that case, double click the reference and in the editing window check the option Make footnote. Click OK and the footnote has been restored.

Adding citations to a text offline

In Write-N-Cite 4 your references and favourite output styles are always accessible, even if you are not online. If you wish to have your latest RefWorks data offline accessible in Word, then click (online) the button Sync My Database.

In Write-N-Cite III: check the option Allow Working Offline via Tools > Create/Update Offline Database.

Exporting references from RefWorks to another citation manager

Citation managers use a widely used format, the RIS format. To export references in this format, go to References > Export. Select the Export Format : Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite).

I will be leaving the UvA. Can I go on using RefWorks?

Yes. Your account will be valid as long as the UvA has a license for RefWorks.

Published by  Library UvA

28 October 2016