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Financing open access publications

The University of California at Berkeley has made a selective list of the cost of open-access publishing per journal / publisher.

The UvA has agreements with the following publishers and funders.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

We have an institutional ACS subscription. This means we are entitled to the discount agreement for ACS AuthorChoice. UvA employees have to pay $1000 to publish an article when they are an ACS member. Those UvA employees who are not ACS members have to pay $2000 to publish an article.

BioMed Central 

UvA is a supporting member of the open-access platform BioMed Central.

For scientific authors at UvA (including the AMC) it is therefore 15% cheaper to publish their articles with BioMed Central. In order to qualify, authors must mention that the university is a supporting member. 

Contact person: Lieuwe Kool, head Medical Library AMC 

De Gruyter

The publisher Walter de Gruyter allows corresponding UvA authors to publish open access free of cost in the journals to which the UvA has a subscription.


The Dutch universities and Elsevier have reached an agreement on the package of journals in which UvA-researchers can publish open access without extra cost. 


For 2016, Emerald has distributed 15 vouchers among the Dutch universities to publish open access. These vouchers can be requested from the library by the corresponding UvA author, while stock lasts. So far, only one voucher has been used.

See the current list of all journal titles of Dutch libraries with open-access reduction.


With Karger, it has been agreed that corresponding UvA authors can publish open access free of cost in all journals. The agreement also holds for the full open-access journals. See the conditions.

Knowledge Unlatched

Via the non-profit organisation Knowledge Unlatched libraries can share the cost of publishing monographs in open access. In this model there is no need for financing by an author or institution. When there is sufficient interest from the libraries taking part, your monograph will be published in open access.

If the libraries which have joined Knowledge Unlatched acquire a monograph, whether in print or electronically, they automatically contribute to its being published in open access. Knowledge Unlatched keeps account of how much libraries have paid. As soon as this equals the publisher’s fixed fee ($12000 on average), the monograph is published in open access. So if 200 libraries acquire the monograph, they will then have to pay only $60 each. By this cooperation the libraries create a sustainable business model for open-access books. Publishers taking part are Brill, Cambridge University Press and University of Michigan Press, to name just a few.

The UvA supports Knowledge Unlatched by subscribing to 28 titles from the pilot collection.


Primary and corresponding authors receive a 10% discount on the Article Processing Charges (APC) until 31 January 2017. Conditions for the discount are: UvA affiliation needs to be mentioned in the paper; membership is selected during submission; and eligibility will be automatically be detected on the basis of IP range and e-mail domain during submission.

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

NWO researchers can request funding for their publications in open-access journals only. NWO no longer finances publications in subscription journals. The request can only be made by the main applicant whose project is being financed by NWO and the article must be a result of the NWO funded research project. Requests made by others will be turned down by NWO. A €6,000 budget is available per NWO project. The researcher/applicant must send the following three items to NWO:

  • the URL of the article (the DOI),
  • the number of the NWO project, and
  • the fee needed for publication.

All results from NWO-funded research for which the calls for proposals were issued after 1 December 2015 must be published via open access. The two options are the gold route (where the publisher publishes the article open access on its website) and the green route (where the researcher places a version of their article in a repository, e.g. UvA-DARE). More information can be found on the NWO website, which also includes a Q&A section on the tightened policy.

Funds have also been reserved to launch open-access journals, open data, and open-access books and to set up conferences that focus on open access. For more information, please check OAPEN-NL or the NWO website.

Academic conferences that focus on open access can receive a financial contribution with a maximum of €2,500. A conference has a focus on open access when in several sessions attention is given to the importance of publishing in publications that are freely available to anyone.

Open Library of Humanities

The Library supports this initiative. UvA authors can publish free of cost in the Open Library of Humanities.


PeerJ is the name of an open-access peer-reviewed scientific publisher, focusing on the biological and medical sciences. A lifetime publishing plan for one author normally costs $199. The Library bought a number of these publishing plans, thus enabling 50 UvA researchers to publish in open access for the rest of their lives. On the website you will see a popup window saying "Your institution has a plan with PeerJ, so that you don't have to pay to publish Open Access". Click on the button "See if you qualify". 

Royal Society of Chemistry

The University of Amsterdam has the opportunity to make 13 articles, published by UvA staff in journals of the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry), available for open access. As a result these articles can be read not only by subscribers, but by everyone. This opportunity, Gold for Gold, will end in April 2017.

As soon as RSC informs you that your article had been accepted, please send an email to Kasper Abcouwer,


Corresponding UvA authors can publish free of cost in 2016 in 150 Sage journals. They can also publish at the reduced price of 260 euro in other hybrid Sage journals.​ More information.

Sociologie (journal)

The Library supports this initiative. UvA authors can publish free of cost in Sociologie.


The VSNU institutions (of which UvA is one) and Springer publishers have come to an agreement about open-access publishing. This entails that articles by authors affiliated to a VSNU or NFU organisation (‘corresponding’) will be published open access without any costs for the author.

The agreement holds for ca 1500 journals within the Springer OpenChoice programme. It holds for all articles accepted from 1 January 2015.

From now on, Springer will ask corresponding authors to which institution they are affiliated. If an author selects UvA (including the AMC), then both Springer and the UvA Library will verify this. Verification takes place during the production process of the article and will not require any extra time.

See all journals and articles covered by the VSNU-Springer agreement.

For more information on workflow, verification process or institutions covered, see: or Ask the Library.


As of March 2016, VSNU and Wiley publishers have agreed on open access. If you, as a UvA author, are notified by Wiley that your article has been accepted, you can indicate via the author services pages that it must be published in open access by selecting UvA in the drop-down menu (Funder/Institution payment). This way you declare that the author processing charge has been paid via the VSNU agreement. There are no extra costs for you.
The agreement holds for 1400 hybrid journals. Wiley also publishes 60 full open access journals. These are not covered by the agreement.

For more information see the Q&A open access at VSNU.

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Published by  Library UvA

14 September 2016