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Mendeley is a programme which allows you to save and annotate files, such as PDF files of articles, reports etc., as well as Word files. Citations to articles can be processed in Word. You can also collaborate in groups in Mendeley, privately or publicly, and share documents. Mendeley consists of two parts: Mendeley Web and Mendeley Desktop. You can enter literature references in both. Adding and annotating files can be done via Mendeley Desktop only.


Get going with Mendeley

  1. Open an account in Mendeley Web. Use your UvA email address. 

  2. Download Mendeley Desktop. UvA staff can install the program at their workspace via the Start menu: All Programs > Software Maintenance > Application Catalog. At home you can install Mendeley via the download button on the Mendeley website. On the UvA student PCs it is already available.

  3. Install the Web importer in your browser. This tool makes it quite simple to import citations into Mendeley from a large number of websites and databases.

  4. Install the Word plug-in via Tools in Mendeley. You will see it in Word under the tab References. With this plug-in you can generate citations and bibliographies in a Word document on the basis of the references you have saved in Mendeley.

Changing to the Institutional Edition

This version has certain advantages over the free version. In the free version you can have 1 Private Group with max. 3 members and you have a shared storage space of 100MB. The Institutional Edition allows you to create an unlimited number of private groups with max. 25 members. The shared storage space is 20GB.

You can upgrade your account to the Institutional Edition. Use your UvA email address to do this.

Register at the account of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Click ‘Join this group’.

Importing references from RefWorks into Mendeley  

Do you have a RefWorks account and would you like to try Mendeley? You can do this by importing your RefWorks citations into Mendeley: 

  • in RefWorks: Export > select Export Format: BibTex > Export > File > Save page as (Ctrl + S)
  • in Mendeley Desktop: File > Import > BibTex > Filetype: all supported formats > Open file

If you would like to switch to Mendeley, you can import all your RefWorks citations folder by folder into Mendeley.

Published by  Library UvA

9 June 2017