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Copyright information

For researchers

If the UvA has directly commissioned a research project, the copyright will belong to the UvA. There is some disagreement about whether or not the copyright is owned by the UvA if the research was not directly commissioned by the university. In practice, the UvA allows researchers to make their own agreements with publishers about the copyright on their work.

PhD thesis mandatory in UvA-DARE

UvA PhD students must submit their PhD thesis to UvA-DARE, where the thesis is archived and made publicly available. In accordance with the Doctorate Regulations, the doctoral student will retain the copyright. 

You will remain the copyright holder, unless you transfer the copyright to another party. If a PhD thesis contains material that you cannot freely use, it may be necessary to place the relevant sections under embargo.

Negotiating with a publisher about copyrights

You are not obliged to fully transfer the copyright to the publisher, but can choose to only grant the right of use. View the SURF scenarios that are possible when negotiating with a publisher. Ensure that a written agreement is made in all cases. The Copyright Contracts Act has applied since 1 July 2015 and strengthens the position of authors in relation to publishers.

Transferring copyrights to the publisher

Have you entered into a written agreement with the publisher in which you transferred all rights to the publisher or granted the publisher an exclusive right to use the publication? If so, you require the permission of the publisher to

  • digitally distribute the publication, e.g. via your own website, via the website of others or by email;
  • reuse the publication, e.g. in a collection with other publications.

As the author, you will always retain the copyright, unless you explicitly transfer it to another party, such as a publisher.
We recommend the publication of open access research publications, so that these publications are made available to everyone. Read more information about the open access policy of the UvA.

Publishing under a Creative Commons licence

Creative Commons (CC) offers you the freedom to deal flexibly with your copyrights. By choosing one of the standard licences, you determine the circumstances under which your work may be published. You retain the copyright on your work, but you grant others permission to use, share or distribute it.

You can find more information on the website of Creative Commons.

(Re)use of research data

If you want to publish the research data of another person, you will probably need his/her permission to do so. You can find information about what you can do with another person's data on the RDM website of the UvA. Here you will find information about using and managing research data for each stage of your research.

This page is part of the Copyright Information Site provided by the University Library. It also answers questions on copyright by students and researchers.

Published by  Library UvA

26 September 2017