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Borrowing from other libraries

AUAS Library

With a valid UvA library card, student ID card or staff ID card you are entitled to borrow from the library of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA/AUAS).

Libraries in Amsterdam

If you wish to borrow from different libraries in Amsterdam, it may be advantageous to buy an AdamNet card for €45 per year. This card entitles you to a free library card from the UvA library, the Public Library Amsterdam, the VU Library, and the libraries of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, the Hogeschool INHOLLAND Amsterdam/Diemen and the University of Applied Sciences.

Other libraries - Interlibrary loan (ILL)

When a book or article is not available within the UvA or AUAS, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request. To use this service you need an ILL account.


Publications from other libraries can be requested via PiCarta, the national database with books and journals from over 400 Dutch libraries. It also includes articles from a large number of journals.

PiCarta can be accessed:

  • from PCs within the UvA digital domain without having to log in
  • from PCs outside the UvA domain at by logging in with your ILL code.

Books requested will be delivered to the library where you opened your ILL account, articles will be sent directly to your home or email address.

Opening an ILL account

Students and externals:

An ILL account can be opened by students and externals with a valid library card or student ID card at any UvA library. If you just wish to consult PiCarta, you can also open a so-called zero account (see below).
UvA students receive a once-only deposit of €12.00. To have more money placed into your ILL account, please ask at your library desk. 
Your ILL account number is identical to your library card number. For UvA students it is identical to the student ID number preceded by uva (without a hyphen or space, e.g., uva0123456).

UvA staff can request a free ILL-account: 

For UvA staff the number of the ILL account can be found to the left of the photo on your staff ID-card.

Customers having an account must comply with the regulations.

Submitting requests with an ILL-account

Place your ILL request via the PiCarta database:

  • Search the publication you need and put it in full presentation mode.
  • For books click borrow, for articles photocopy.
  • Enter your library card number (or student card number preceded by uva) and your personal ILL password
  • Click send
  • Check the information on the request screen
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible
  • For articles indicate if you prefer a photocopy or a scan by email.
  • If necessary, untick some libraries from the list of suppliers and click update.
    Please note: the quick service rates are very high and few libraries can deliver books or articles within 24 hours, although PiCarta suggests otherwise. Electronic document supply opts for “normal service” and is therefore cheaper than delivery by ordinary post.
  • Confirm your request by entering your password once more and click send.

The loan period of books borrowed via interlibrary loan from another library cannot be extended.

Viewing requests and changing your personal settings

Under My PiCarta in PiCarta you will find:

  • a list of all your ILL requests to date
  • your deposit status
  • your name and address files, and the possibility to change your email address
  • your SDI requests, and the possibility to change or delete them
  • the option to change your personal ILL password

Alert service / zero account

Having an ILL account also enables you to use the alert service:

  • Alerts or SDI (selective dissemination of information) by email or RSS. Keep informed of recently published literature in your field or tables of contents of journals via email.
  • Search or zero account. No deposit is made into your account, therefore no ILL requests can be made, but you do have access to PiCarta to search it and use its alert service.


The costs are charged to your ILL account, immediately after submitting a request. For books there is a standard rate, articles depend on the number of pages copied. In some cases a higher amount will be charged for handling your request, for instance when more photocopies are sent than initially paid for. If a request cannot be supplied, your account will automatically be credited. To add more credit to your account please go to the desk of your library.

Rates for UvA students with an ILL account

monograph €3.00 per volume
copies of articles (1-10 pages) €3.00 per article
each additional page €0.30

ILL rates for all other account holders

monograph €6.50 per volume
copies of articles (1-10 pages) €6.50 per article
each additional page €0.65

Interlibrary Loan from abroad

If you wish to order books or articles from libraries abroad, you can either email your request or fill out the appropriate online form (see below). Please, state all bibliographic data available.

All costs will be charged to your ILL account, provided it has sufficient balance.

Please allow for extended delivery times. We depend on the cooperation of the libraries abroad. A submitted request does not guarantee delivery.

These stipulations only apply to ILL-account holders from the central University Library and  UvA Humanities libraries.


Monograph (EU) €20.00
Monograph (non EU) €25.00
Articles (pages 1-10) €12.00
Each additional page   €1.20

Online forms

Published by  Library UvA

6 December 2018