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Open-access books


“If I publish my book open access then I won’t sell any copies?” is what you hear many authors say. However, the contrary appears to be the case. Many publishers have actually discovered that online open access publishing increases their sales. People us the Internet to discover books and not to read them. If a book is freely available worldwide any potential reader can see it and thus a larger group.  Visibility is essential.

How do I publish books open access?

It is important to speak with the publisher at an early stage in the negotiations about publishing the material open access. An example is to ask for the manuscript to be made directly open access available and that the digital version (if necessary under embargo) be made accessible worldwide via Pure in UvA-DARE. More and more publishers are prepared to immediately publish books open access. The cost can vary between 7.000 and 15.000 euro per book in which case one might consider Knowledge Unlatched  where libraries share the costs.

Where do I find open access books (and publishers)?

Open access books and their publishers can be found via:

  • OAPEN (publishes the books on their own website)
  • DOABU (references the publisher’s website)

Open access books are also recorded in the library catalogue where they can be found by to title and/or author.

These books are peer reviewed which is to say that they are critically assessed by their peers, and they are often published with a Creative Commons licence which means they can not only be read freely, but can also be disseminated freely.

Open access books can also be found in UvA-DARE, Narcis, and with for example Google.

Other questions?

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