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An overview of current projects of the Library of the University of Amsterdam

Survey of the educational repository

The UvA is considering establishing a repository for teaching and learning materials for the purpose of storing and sharing (at various levels) these educational materials. This is why the UvA/AUAS Library initiated a ‘Survey of the educational repository’ project in early 2017. Three faculty projects will serve as pilots. 

The project has generated two reports [in Dutch only]:

drs. H.A. (Henriette) Reerink

Project leader Survey of the educational repository


The aim of UvA view is to show the publication landscape at the University of Amsterdam (at various levels of organisation) and to provide insight into the publication behaviour of individual UvA members of staff. In UvA-view various resources are linked, and then analysed and visualized using state-of-the-art techniques. It concerns such data as those from Metis, the university’s research information system, Web of Science, Narcis, Google Scholar and the local library catalogue.

UvA-view has an experimental character and outside the UvA domain not all data are being shown. 

drs. K.M. (Kasper) Abcouwer

Contact person UvA-view

Preparations for the City Centre University Library

Preparations in connection with the opening of a new University Library in the city centre are currently underway. The library will be at the heart of the University Quarter, where the Faculty of Humanities will be located as well. The new library building will replace the two existing locations in the city centre.

In recent years, a design for the Zusterhuis former cloister and the Tweede Chirurgische Kliniek (BG13 and 14) has been in development.

The University Library is responsible for the interior design and furnishing the building. Efforts are being made to closely involve Faculty staff and students as well as library employees in the various design phases so that they may contribute to the best library imaginable.


Ms M. (Marloes) van Wagtendonk MSc

Contactperson Preparations for the City Centre University Library

Linking UvA/AUAS figshare with UvA/AUAS Pure

In 2017, the data repository figshare and the current research information system (CRIS) Pure were adopted by the UvA and AUAS. Figshare is a system that allows researchers to store their research data safely, share it with other researchers during the study, publish their work once it is finished and archive it as well. Pure is a system in which researchers can register their research results as publications in the form of articles and books, allowing them to compile SEP reports[1] for the purpose of measuring the quality of the research. Published data sets are also a type of research result; registering them in Pure ensure that data sets will be included in reports as well.

The ‘Linking UvA/AUAS figshare with UvA/AUAS Pure’ project kicked off in November 2017. The goal of the project is to create an automated link between figshare and Pure so that published data sets stored in figshare can be easily registered in Pure and matched with the corresponding publications. For researchers, this will eliminate the need to manually register the data sets they have published in figshare a second time in Pure.

The possibilities for creating such a link between figshare and Pure are currently being explored. We expect the link to be ready for use in May 2018.

[1] Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) 2015-2021 for measuring the quality of research

Mr M. (Matthieu) Uittenbogaard

Project leader Linking UvA/AUAS figshare with UvA/AUAS Pure