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An overview of current projects of the Library of the University of Amsterdam

Deselection and reshelving of the Humanities collections

In preparation for the future move of the Humanities library to the Binnengasthuis location, the project Deselection and Reshelving Humanities Collections was started in 2013. The project’s aim is to get the humanities collections in the open stacks ready for the move. The project has 2 phases:

Phase 1: Reduction of the collections (completed)

In order to enable the move to a new location, the size of the Humanities collection had to be reduced from 12.5 km to 6.5 km. This phase was completed at the beginning of 2016. The number of volumes in the open stacks decreased from 505,000 volumes to ca 280,000 volumes in early 2016. Most of the volumes have been placed in the closed stacks of the library in Amsterdam Zuidoost (IWO).

Phase 2: Changing to a new shelving system (in progress)

Presently, the collection of the Humanities library is placed in two libraries (library P.C. Hoofthuis and GW collections UB) and consists of 34 separate subcollections. In order to make it simpler to search these collections and to enable us to process new books and journals more quickly and efficiently, it was decided to change to a new shelving system. We have chosen the internationally widely used system of the Library of Congress, the so-called Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Phase 2 started late April 2016. All new books and journals are now assigned a shelf label according to the LCC scheme. In the P.C. Hoofthuis library we have also begun on relabelling the old collections according to the new system. The reshelving of the Humanities collections in the UB at Singel started in February 2017. This phase of the project is expected to last until September 2017.

Current situation

Frequently asked questions

  • drs. W.J. (Wilma) Goossen

    Project leader Deselection and Reshelving Humanities Collections | T: 0205253027

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The aim of UvA view is to show the publication landscape at the University of Amsterdam (at various levels of organisation) and to provide insight into the publication behaviour of individual UvA members of staff. In UvA-view various resources are linked, and then analysed and visualized using state-of-the-art techniques. It concerns such data as those from Metis, the university’s research information system, Web of Science, Narcis, Google Scholar and the local library catalogue.

UvA-view has an experimental character and outside the UvA domain not all data are being shown. 

  • drs. K.M. (Kasper) Abcouwer

    Contact person UvA-view | T: 0205257199

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Published by  Library UvA

1 December 2017