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Readers Online

information for lecturers

UvA Readers Online provides access to digital readers and syllabi for the Faculties of Economics and Business (FEB), Humanities (FGw), Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG), Law (FdR) and Science. The site is searchable by name of the lecturer or author, programme and course catalogue number. Printed copies can be ordered online via repro supplier Canon’s webshop.

Requesting and importing readers

Lecturers can import their readers and syllabi, and upload scans or their own documents (in PDF form), via the import module. Any missing texts will be retrieved and uploaded by the University Library. The Library will also check the bibliographic data and copyright.
Once a reader has been imported, it will be available at UvA Readers online within five to ten working days and will remain available until the end of the academic year. Published readers can be reused via the import module, also by other lecturers.


UvA Readers Online and the import module are accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Just log in with your UvAnetID and password. Please note: to be recognised by the system, confirm the Request for Information Transfer on your first log in by clicking 'Yes, share this information' and on the following page 'Yes, share this information'. 

If you wish to refer to the reader on Canvas, you can link to the Readers Online site ( You can also create a direct link to the reader via the URL which appears when you open the reader online.


There is a manual to explain how to import new readers. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Reader Coordinator or contact person at your location.

Easy Access Regulation

The use of copyright protected material for education purposes has been stipulated in the January 2017 Easy Access Regulation. The regulation differentiates between short and long extracts. The former are paid for by the UvA on a yearly basis and need not be registered. The latter require permission be obtained beforehand. Short extracts are a maximum of fifty pages, provided that it is less than ¼ of the books or journal issue. Permission for long extracts can be sought via Stichting PRO's web portal using the client number and one’s faculty login codes. Please contact your Reader Coordinator or the contact person at you location.

Exceptions to the easy access regulation are: copyright free material, publications with a Creative Commons license, and e-books or journals which have been either partly or completely paid off. Please consult the license list.

Additional information FAQ on the Easy Access Regulation and Copyright Information Point for lecturers.

Printing on Demand (PoD)

A printed copy of all online readers will be made available by repro supplier Canon. They can be ordered via the Canon webshop.

Special wishes regarding the cover, binding and/or number of colour copies can be made via the import module, Here, you can also indicate the number of students that may possibly order a printed version of the reader. Every lecturer who imports a reader will automatically be sent a free lecturer’s copy. Extra copies can be ordered in the webshop. Orders are delivered within five working days to any given address or can be picked up at one of these pick-up locations:


If you have any problems  importing, downloading or ordering readers, please contact your reader coordinator or Ask the Library

Reader Coordinators and contacts on location

 FDR Arnolf van Asperen

 020 525 4967

 FEB Geke Zijlstra

 020 525 4090

 FGW Gijs Rood  

 020 5257628

 FGW Andreja Lekic

 020 5252242

 FMG Geke Zijlstra

 020 5254090

FNWI Peggy da Graca en Angelina del Castilho  020 5257910