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European Documentation Centre (EDC)

What is an EDC?

The Law Library has been a full EDC since the 1960s.

EDCs are a network of information centres which were established by the European Union in 1963 to support study, teaching and research at university level. They used to receive official publications and documents of the institutions of the European Union. These days no paper is received by us any more: most publications are digitally available.

As a starting point for researchers the Law Library offers a research guide on European Law with legal databases, books, journals and EU websites.

EU documents on the Internet

For (book)publications by EU institutions such as the European Commission, European Parliament, Council of the EU, EU agencies and other bodies, use the EU Bookshop. The EU Bookshop is an online bookshop, library and archive of EU publications dating back to 1952.

For an overview of  digitally available documents (papers, reports, minutes, agendas) by the various institutions of the European Union, refer to EUROPA.EU - Official documents.

The Cardiff EDC publishes two major free electronic information services to help to find information on the EU, the countries of Europe and on important European issues:

  • European Sources Online (ESO) : an information service that allows you to find easily a wide and up-to-date range of information sources about Europe. Sources include official EU documentation, information from international organisations, national governments, research organisations, textbooks and journals, and key news sources.
  • Europe on the Internet (pdf) : a digital guide with a selection of the most useful websites for information about the institutions and activities of the European Union, the countries of Europe and key European issues.

EU documents in the Law Library

Books and periodicals published by the EU are fully integrated in the collection of the Law Library and can be traced using the UvA catalogue and CataloguePlus.

Complementary to the documents digitally available on EUROPA.EU (see above for description), a short list of (non-digital) key documents in the Law Library, grouped by institution:

European Commission

  • Bulletin of the European Union
    ZA 15 (1960-1980 ENG) - ask at the desk
    ZA 14 (1960-1980 NL) - ask at the desk
  • General Report of activities of the European Union
    ZA 37 (1958-1996 ENG) - ask at the desk
    ZA 36 (1958-1996 NL) - ask at the desk
  • COM documents
    ZA 3 (1983-1997 ENG) - ask at the desk
    ZA 2 (1974-1983 (incomplete); 1984-1997 NL) - ask at the desk

European Parliament

  • Reports
    ZN 2 E (1973-1989 ENG) - ask at the desk
    ZN 2 N (1958-1989 NL) - ask at the desk
  • Debates
    ZA 17 (1973-1999 ENG) - ask at the desk
    ZA 16 (1958-1999 NL) - ask at the desk


Published by  Library UvA

6 December 2016