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Thumbs up for new Library Learning Centre

Survey results and follow-ups

19 May 2015

In November to December 2014, a survey about the new Library Learning Centre on the Roeterseiland campus was conducted among library visitors. There was also an evaluation meeting with members of the Central and Faculty Student Councils. This shows that the facilities are judged positively.

The main reason students come to Library Learning Centre is to study on their own, but meeting fellow students there is also seen as important.

Wishes include: 

  • more study spaces
  • more decoration and colour
  • renovating the toilets

Improvement works

Together with outstanding renovation work, a number of improvement works will be carried out in response to the survey results. These works have been discussed with the Central Student Council and will be carried out in the next few months:

  • toilet facilities will be renovated and extra toilets added
  • an extra printer will be installed on the ground floor and one on the first floor
  • two extra 15-minute PCs will be installed on the ground floor
  • decoration: every floor will be provided with containers of plants and artwork hung on the walls
  • safety will be improved by installing revolving doors in the Building H entrance
  • extra plug sockets will be fitted at the computer desks on the third floor
  • better signposting will be provided and explanation about differing table heights
  • narrowcasting screens will be installed giving relevant information about the Library, CREA, faculties and other services

Published by  Library UvA