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Open access: the new beginning

A look back at the symposium

7 November 2014

Everyone should be able to read the results of publicly funded research. That's why Sander Dekker, State secretary for Education, Culture and Science, is pressing on with open access. During the symposium 'Open access: the new beginning' on 20 October, the talks and the discussions centred on the way we are going to make the transition to open access in the Netherlands.

Gold or green

State Secretary Dekker prefers the 'gold route' to open access: academic authors publish in freely available journals instead of in expensive ones. An alternative way is the 'green route': academic authors send a copy of their publication to a public platform such as DARE.

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Presentations and reports

During the symposium presentations by Karl Dittrich,  Paul Ayris, Jos Engelen,  Wouter GerritsmaEelco FerwerdaHilde van WijngaardenChristian BröerJessica Hill and  Hanny van Arkel initiated the discussion on the most sensible road to barrier-free learning about the results of research.

The following reports, blog and tweets give a good impression of the discussion. 

Monique Kooijmans took these  pictures of the symposium.

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