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Publishing in BioMed Central: no discount rate anymore

Rise in price forces Library to cancel subscription

20 June 2014

The membership fee for BioMed Central has been doubled. This has contributed to the Library’s decision not to continue membership as of 14 June 2014. As a consequence UvA authors no longer get a 15% reduction when publishing open access articles.

The UvA Library champions open access. With 6 publishing platforms the Library has agreements about the financing, as was the case with BioMed Central. Since 2003 UvA authors have been publishing articles with a 15% reduction, because the Library was a supporting member.

BioMed Central has now become an innovative start-up company under the wings of Springer. Membership fees have doubled, so that the benefit for the UvA as a whole has disappeared, in spite of reductions to individual authors. Negotiations with BioMed Central have been inconclusive, reason for the Library to cancel its subscription, and also a clear message to the publisher that the financial model employed by them may need rethinking.


Published by  Library UvA