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Digital Library stops on 1 March 2013

Be sure to migrate the contents of My Library in time

7 December 2012

The UvA Digital Library, including My Library, will be discontinued on 1 March 2013.

Since the spring we have been using a new search engine to find (e-)books, journal articles, e-journals and databases: CataloguePlus. CataloguePlus has a personal E-shelf which has roughly the same functions as My Library.

What are the consequences for you?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate My Library to the E-shelf of CataloguePlus. You will have to build up a new E-shelf. Please see the manual on how to do this. The contents of CataloguePlus and the Digital Library do not match 100%, so some titles cannot be found in CataloguePlus. If you need any help, please approach us via UBAcoach.



The UvA Catalogue continues to exist next to CataloguePlus. It also has an E-shelf, but this is quite separate from My Library and from the CataloguePlus E-shelf.

What is the difference between the Catalogue and CataloguePlus?
The Catalogue contains the data of all physical materials, such as books, journals, maps etc., from the UvA Library collections. CataloguePlus also contains the e-journals, (electronic) journal articles, e-books and databases of the UvA.


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