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Safeguarding privacy in research

Public consultation VSNU Code of Conduct

24Oct2017 13.30 - 17.30


Tuesday 24 October, researchers and managers in universities and higher education in general are invited to a public consultation about the new version of the VSNU Code of Conduct ('Gedragscode voor gebruik van persoonsgegevens in wetenschappelijk onderzoek').

The VSNU code is designed as a practical help and guidance for taking the appropriate measures in your research, provided you work with personal data.

This event will give you basic knowledge on the legal context (General Data Protection Regulation) for academic research. You will know how the code matches with this legal context. And, most importantly, you will have been able to discuss, with your peers, your role as researcher or research support staff within the context of your specific type of research. On a practical level you will be able to assess the practical use of the code and improve the code with your suggestions.

A link to the draft text of the new code of conduct will be added as soon as the text has been made public.

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